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139Экспресс (139Express)

Our own air express service, 139 Express, will deliver your package from China to the recipient's door as soon as possible.

Destination country: Kazakhstan.

The package will be delivered to the address you specified.

The shipping cost is calculated based on every 100 grams (0.1 kilograms) of packages, and the weight is rounded off.

The shipping cost is calculated in the shipping calculator.

Size and weight limitations

The minimum weight of the package is 0.1 kilograms. The maximum weight of the package is 20 kilograms.

The maximum length on one side of the package is 120 centimeters. The length of all edges shall not exceed 200 centimeters.

Volume weight

Considering volume and weight. If the volume weight of the package exceeds the actual weight, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the volume weight.

The formula for calculating volume weight is length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/8000=volume weight (kg).

Supplementary information

You can also insure the package against loss and damage for an amount of 2% of the value of each shipment.