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I don't know the size of the package.

*Attention! The calculation results of the calculator are preliminary. Final shipping cost
Only after measuring the size and weight of the packaging can it be formed.
Please note that when delivering with 139 economy models and 139 express delivery methods, consider volume and weight.
The actual weight of the package is the actual weight obtained during weighing. Package volume weight
Calculate based on the size of the package. If the volume and weight of the package are greater than the actual weight, then the price
The delivery quantity is calculated based on volume and weight.
The formula for calculating volume weight is length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/8000=volume weight (kg). For example,
The physical weight of the package is 3 kilograms and the volume is 5 kilograms. Freight will be calculated by volume.
In most cases, the volume only varies slightly.